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I had the pleasure of being headhunted by Recruiter Extraordinaire Mary Frances. If you need to be recruited, there's no one better. We had a friendly chat on the phone about my current role at my current employer, what tech stack I was doing, and in particular detail, my experience with Netsuite. We then had two group-v-me phone screens where we discussed technical topics and technical design in detail, and an on-site interview at Portland itself. Portland is a lovely place, and the folks at XPO are among the most professional and knowledgeable in their fields.

Magdalene Lee
Mar 31, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Mary Frances at Syapse. She was responsible for the hiring pipeline of JavaScript Engineers for the Front End Engineering department. Without Mary Frances, I would not have been able to grow the Front End team from 5 its current size of 11. She quickly assessed our candidate requirements and adapted her searches to meet our departmental needs. Once we found a qualified candidate, she was excellent at vetting them and moving them through our interview pipeline as quickly as possible. Mary Frances was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future.

Joe Paulsen
Jul 05, 2016

We hired Mary Frances for a contract role after she did an amazing job finding engineers with the most obscure technical skills that we needed. In the past 6 months she has helped our team nearly double in size. She helped hire for Engineering, Customer Solutions and Marketing roles in a VERY competitive market. She has the ability to locate and move candidates through the hiring process and always keep a cheerful outlook. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I am certain our paths will cross again.

Mel Condos
Jul 05, 2016

Mary is the best recruiter I ever met. She is so warm and trustworthy and talking positively even you are interviewing a company contacted by another recruiter. It sounds to me she keeps friendship first, before business . I was told by a recruiter from EndGame on the phone, "You are waste my time", which was so bizarre. Compare with the whole experience with Mary, which makes you feel life is great. I wish you go talk with Mary if you are looking for a IT job. You will understand what I am talking about

Fuchun Dong
Aug 15, 2014

MFH has helped me on many occasions do the impossible. For example, "I need someone with the following long list of specific experiences who can be at a client site next Wednesday and stay until the project is done". More often than not, she finds exactly what I am looking for. She has also helped me develop substantial technical organizations within companies like IBM and Morgan Stanley.

Tom Love
Apr 01, 2013

Mary Frances Hunter is the best possible recruiter. She learns quickly what you are looking for and gets better and better as she delivers the best possible candidates. There is no better IT recruiter! I have used Mary Frances at large and small firms for over 15 years.

Raymond Wells
Dec 18, 2009

Recruiter does not do her justice. Extraordinaire does. With a repertoire of several thousand highly capable practitioners she can find prospective employees, associates and even customers, quickly. Besides, she is fun to work with while totally respecting intellectual property rights.

Jack Ring
Apr 26, 2009

When you need the right person with the right skill set, you engage Mary Frances. Over several years and technical cycles from O-O to Web and beyond, she stays current on the technology and knows who is available to meet your needs. She is always my first phone call and I'm always amazed with the results.

Herb Kelsey
Sep 02, 2008